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Recommended Reading

Montessori Today by Paula P. Lillard
Publisher: Random House (1996), ISBN: 0-8052-1061-X
Describes Montessori theory and contemporary American Montessori Society schools serving ages ranging from birth to adulthood.

Montessori from the Start by Paula P. Lillard and Lynn L. Jessen
Publisher: Shocken (2003), ISBN 0805211128
Information on what parents can do to help their youngest children in the process of self-formation.

The Absorbent Mind by Maria Montessori
Publisher; Theosophical Publishing House, Madras, India (1949) Amazon
Discusses the development of infants and young children from birth to three years. Gives a clear explanation of the basis of Montessori theory and method.

The Child in the Family by Maria Montessori
Publisher: Henry Regnery, Chicago (1956) Amazon
A series of short essays about the child, the family, and the school, with a philosophical emphasis.

Maria Montessori: Her Life and Work by E. M Standing
Publisher: Hollis and Carter London (1957) Amazon
Covers Maria Montessori’s life, how she developed Montessori education, its theoretical basis, and the worldwide growth of the Montessori movement.



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